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Carmen’s Aesthetics Spa Facial Services

All our facials include this special experience: our esthetician makes a consultation to analyze the needs of your skin type. In addition, we include cleaning and extraction to ensure that each treatment is effective and we always end with a mask and relaxing massage. Learn about all the advantages offered by our specialized treatments.

Facials: Services

If you’re interested in any of our services, please call the salon to book your appointment or consultation.

VIP Signature Facial


If your skin needs an intense and complete treatment with immediate results, the VIP signature Facial is what you are looking for.
This treatment will leave your skin with a glow never seen before, starting with a mechanical or manual exfoliation process, to remove all dead cells, followed by an extraction process that will remove impurities from your pores. You can also enjoy the Serum application done through our oxygen therapy gun, which will make your skin look brighter and hydrated with our special hydrating mask, LED Light therapy that stimulates the production of collagen for smoother skin, and relaxing massages that will make you look radiant.

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